Israel – Street Photography, 11 Photos of People on Benches

I’ve just returned from Israel and uploaded the photos, and there’s a good bit to sift through. While I was doing a quick overview, I noted that several of the images were made of people on benches. While not an intentional project, they came about while doing street photography. They were all made with a 35mm lens. While out photographing on the streets I mostly use a 35mm lens as it gives me enough distance to not be intrusive, while including enough of the surroundings to give a sense of place. They were made in either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. I hope you like them and that they provide a view of the varied people of Israel. Please feel free to comment.


156 thoughts on “Israel – Street Photography, 11 Photos of People on Benches

  1. Wonderful street photography! I am always struck with the blending of cultures and rich history when I see pictures of Israel. Thanks for sharing with those of us who wish we could go!

    • There were some quiet moments. I do have a tendency to isolate individuals in the midst of large crowds, just waiting for a moment to catch them alone. If I showed the adjacent photos there might appear to be quite the crowd. Some of these were made in the early morning though, before the cities really awaken.

  2. Really enjoyed these my first views of ordinary folk on the streets on Israeli city life. You have a gift for capturing reality thru a lens. It seems they forget about the camera. Good work.

  3. I like the third picture. Are they flagging a wall where art was purloined? Or are they begging someone to place stolen artwork on the wall to cover up the graffiti? Is she reporting the crime or committing it? That picture would make a wonderful story prompt. Well done.

  4. Really nice! I was wondering if the people know they are being photographed? Because I always find it hard to take pictures of people. If you don’t inform them, they might get irritated or real mad, if you inform them, they ‘pose’ right away

  5. Pictures are beautiful. The third to last image especially catches my attention. I like to see how the background cartoons are super close and friendly while the real characters are separated by a huge gap. Creates a contrast and adds some hidden humor. Good job on your photos I enjoyed them.

  6. I love your pictures. I’m still building that confidence to take photos like these in my hometown and I envy the nice benches situated along the streets. It is a rare aesthetics on our streets and even at parks. I don’t see a lot of benches around but I am more inspired because of this, inspired to rediscover my hometown.

  7. The diversity between the different cities in Israel is magnificent, while the combination of old, new and cool is something one has experience. This was nicely captured in your photos.

  8. Fantastic set of photographs! I like the last one particularly. These photos show that you can capture moments anywhere and they can tell stories.

  9. Not only those people are interesting, but the benches also are 🙂 So how far to the side do you have to direct the camera to take the shots where people still end up in the middle?

    • Well, I’m definitely breaking the rule of thirds, but sometimes I just want people right in the middle. And when they’re in the middle, I’m pretty much right in front of them….

  10. Absolutely brilliant… beautifully framed simple stories! Loved the one with the lady smoking outside the shop and the last one…

    Will follow your work from now on… you just got me to add Israel to my travel bucket list! Thank you.

  11. I too am probably more comfortable in the outdoors but certain cities remain close to my heart. I’m not sure if you have been there already but you should probably try experiencing Varanasi.

    From what I see in the pictures, Jerusalem has a lot of character and I hope I get a chance to visit.

  12. I particularly like the sleepers. When I was in Japan people often napped in public. I find this concept fascinating as I could never be that relaxed in public.

  13. These photos are amazing! i had no idea Israel was so beautiful! I am trying to start somewhat of a travel photography blog. I was hoping maybe you could look at my posts and give me some pointers on either my photography or writing! Please and thank you!

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