Himachal Pradesh – The Final Images

After weeks of editing I’m down to the final images from the Ropa Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Being the final edit means that there are some images that aren’t as strong as images from previous edits, but if they weren’t shown they’d just sit on a hard drive for the next 30 years, and I just didn’t want to let them go. A couple are a bit quirky and the final image from along the highway just seemed to say, “the end.” In any case I hope they give a bit more insight into the culture, and that you enjoy them. Next week it’s back to the United States and some images from Fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, see you then.


169 thoughts on “Himachal Pradesh – The Final Images

      • you do need plenty of time to explore india. months and months would be even better! you’re good on your geography, it’s north of nepal and west of china, but the landscape is a nice blend of nepali and the ladakhi himalaya. i’ve only explored north india, there is so much to see in that country…

  1. I appreciate all the kind words. This was actually the final edit and there’s about nine other posts before this one from Himachal Pradesh, so I hope you’ll give them a perusal as well. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon…

  2. I am a resident of Himachal Pradesh myself. You have truly come up with some real colours of himachal. Great Job! I got some of Himachal & Uttarakhand’s pics on my blog in the category ‘photography’ (very amateur tho lol).do check out.

  3. Your images are amazing! they really make me see what you saw, and relate to it. I am a photographer also, and I know how hard it is to edit oneself, in a way we fall in love with most images and so hard to let them go unseen, so I understand perfectly what you are saying; great work!

    • well, i was hoping a few of my earlier posts on himachal pradesh would have made fresh pressed instead of this one. i threw a couple on this post that probably shouldn’t have made the edit, but i was thinking what the heck. nonetheless, i appreciate your kind words!

  4. Just came back from Ladakh not too long ago. Hoping to head in that direction of India some day too. Beautiful photos – totally get what you mean about “if they weren’t shown they’d just sit on a hard drive for the next 30 years”. Keep them coming.

    • I’ve learned that it’s important to do a tight edit, so that you’re showing only your best work. On my website I do tend towards that. On the blog I’ve allowed a few average ones to be shown. The danger in that is that with a couple of average photos in the mix, it tends to color people’s overall perception of the work. So I’m seeking that balance between showing as much as I can, but keeping the edit tight. And thanks, I will keep them coming…

  5. You mention in your blog that these images are the least of the group. I have not yet seen the other ones, I’m new to your blog, however, these are beautiful. i especially love the third one down. The one with the lady on the balcony of her mud house. You have a great eye. I will follow your blog.

  6. Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures. I actually was born and raised in Himachal Pradesh – Dharamsala to be specific. You have beautifully captured the life within these hilly regions. My favorite picture is the one of older man holding a baby on his lap. Brought back memories of my late grandfather and how he use to take me for a walk on the bumpy and rocky roads of Dharamsala.

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  11. Awesome photos. They are all so natural-looking and colorful! I find taking pictures of people very challenging as catching the expressions at the right time is very difficult. You have done a very good job.

    Destination Infinity

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  14. You have such a gift for connecting with people and bringing out their humanity and beauty. Not to mention the beauty of their surroundings. It shows here, too, in your personal response to each comment. Thank you for loving life enough to want to capture its brilliance. It touches the heart in a lasting way.

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  17. Himachal Pradesh is and always been my favorite summer destination. I love the Himalaya- looks to me like a father figure protecting India. I love the rift valleys, the surrounding green and the sweet apples on the trees. I have been there a long time ago though. I miss the place a lot. And after seeing ur images, memories of my childhood summers which I spend up there drifted up in my mind. Thanks for posting such lovely photos!

  18. Rather late to this, just getting through the stack of “Freshly Pressed” emails I’d abandoned throughout the year. I love all of these but I’m a sucker especially for the marvellous valley landscapes. Many thanks for sharing your works.

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