I’d always wanted to see Poland, as my family has history in the region. While I couldn’t stay long, I was able to get in a long weekend to Warsaw and Krakow, and begin a couple of projects, which may or may not ever be added to. With grey skies and some rain, there was never such a thing as dramatic light, but it just added to the photographic challenge. I feel as though I came away with several good images, which I always feel good about over a short period of time. I hope you enjoy them.

The Driver, Warsaw

Morning Commute, Warsaw

Soccer practice, Park Lazienkowski, Warsaw

A peacock wanders into the scene as a young man photographs his girlfriend, Park Lazienkowski, Warsaw

Last leaves of autumn, Park Lazienkowski, Warsaw

Young women stroll amidst the autumn leaves, Park Bednarskiego, Krakow

Met Marta in Warsaw, and she agreed to be photographed. It turned out that she worked at an American national park last summer.

Train in the Rain

The last of autumn, from a train window, Warsaw to Krakow

Houses and garden plots, from the train window, Warsaw to Krakow

A woman adjusts her scarf and another waits with her for a bus, Krakow

Window Shopping, Warsaw

Curbside Lunch, Krakow

Lover’s Locks. Couples adorn locks and attach them to a bridge over the Vistula River, Krakow. They then throw the key into the river. There were a few spaces where locked has been torn away, perhaps by a scorned lover?

Birds rest high among the branches, as the last leaves of autumn cling to life. Soon the trees will be but winter’s bones.

A man sits quietly before the eucharist during a time of perpetual adoration inside a Catholic church in Krakow.

A girl reads from a prayer book during a Greek Orthodox service in Warsaw

Night time, Warsaw

A woman smokes a cigarette outside of a restaurant, Krakow

The photographer on a Polish Train (imagining Jason Bourne)

The photographer on a Polish Train (self-portrait, imagining Jason Bourne)


50 thoughts on “Poland

  1. What a treat to see these pictures. I’ve never been to Poland, but I have a better sense of it now after seeing your beautiful images. My favorites are the church interior, the Camelot restaurant photo and the park pictures.

  2. Beautiful to see this. My girlfriend lives in Poznan… I’m headed back to the country just after Christmas. These photos take me back… dziekuje 🙂

  3. Thank you for the look into a foreign country that I have never seen. The last mental image I had was during WWII and it wasn’t pretty. So many beautiful pictures. I especially liked the cigarette smoker, the gentleman taking a picture of his girlfriends, the girl who worked at Yellowstone, last autumn, the houses with garden plots…love the plots in front of the houses. I also liked the locks, the girl reading a prayer book, birds in the trees, night time in Warsaw and that suspicious looking guy at the end. 😉 Some real winners on this trip!

  4. My favorite image is the girl smoking outside the restaurant. Very interesting shot with so many elements: the corner, the window, the contrast of dark and light and the people’s expressions. Just perfect.

  5. Each photograph tells such a story. This set may just be my favorite. I especially like the woman window shopping and the birds in the trees. I’m always looking at the tops of trees. A great capture of Poland!

    • Thanks Jenifer, i wasn’t fully certain about that photo. But i couldn’t edit it out. The juxtaposition of the poster and the old woman, her shopping bags, and there’s even a womans face looking out that same window. And i think there’s enough there to question. Appreciate the kind words!

  6. Nomad,

    I spent some time travelling through Poland on a train in 91. Your photos are much better. I like the smoker, the night light colors… and Jason.

  7. Russ, great set of fotos from the Motherland. Most of my family emigrated from Poland and seeing these fotos reminded me of my visit in 2007 for the first time. I felt so at home there. Your fotos evoked a warm nostalgia. Cheers 🙂

  8. What a great collection of images. Such wonderful use of juxtaposition and narrative, linking images through positioning to tell a story. The subdued lighting adds to the narrative, as do the autumnal colours. I really like your work. 🙂

    • Thanks Sonja, I appreciate your insight. You clearly understand the language of imagery. It’s what I’ve always enjoyed the most about workshops, getting to talk through images. Looking at what works, and doesn’t. Thanks for dropping in!

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