Yellowstone… Bison

There’s a lot more to come from Yellowstone. With the height of tourist season upon us, the demands of rangering have taken all my editing time away. I’m using the long hours of summer on my off days to be out photographing and playing. I look forward to sharing more.

The blog will still be showing exclusive photographs that I’ve made on my Nikon. I’ll do my darnedest to continue posting weekly as I’ve done for the past several years. To all my recent followers, thanks for connecting, I love to hear from you.

To those who want a more steady dose, I do post daily from my iPhone on Instagram and you’re welcome to follow me there at


52 thoughts on “Yellowstone… Bison

  1. did you ask these bison to travel on hard, durable surfaces (a la leave no trace)? if they could just hug the shoulder it would be great!

      • Yes there are about 1,300 right now in Custer State Park. So terrible that there used to be millions of these beasts and they killed them for their tongues and heads. Do you live in Yellowstone or are you just there shooting?

      • At one we were down to 23 bison left. Unbelievable. A man was caught trying to slaughter them! I’m working for the season as a park ranger at Old Faithful.

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