One Fine California Morning

On my way up towards the Redwoods, I was able to stop in at some friends’ farm in the hills above Garberville. The following morning, my friend Mark gave me a tour of the land by jeep. It was a classic northern California morning, chilly fog clearing in the late morning. We even got a visit from a couple of the llamas on property. It was a memorable morning, and I was thankful for that northern Californian hospitality!

Madrone trees and a llama great the morning sun

The Llama

God-rays burst forth as the fog dissipates

Hills enshrouded by fog

Mark greets some neighbors on our morning ride…


29 thoughts on “One Fine California Morning

  1. Heading up to Humboldt? I was wondering if your friends are llama ranchers or are they pets? Llamas are not uncommon at all. Even in the San Jose Bay area in some of the unincorporated areas of Cupertino, people had llamas as pets.

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