The People of Nepal

I was recently in Nepal photographing a medical trip into the remote regions of the far west of the country. I returned home 48 hours before the earthquake hit. There were many immediate emotions, concern for friends, sadness for the tragedy for so many, the desire to be back to help, and the memories of the many beautiful people I met in Nepal. With continued prayers, I decided to post the faces of those I met along the way. The people of Nepal.



39 thoughts on “The People of Nepal

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  2. Can you try to contact the families? If you had them sign model releases. If any of these peole are no longer living the families woudl like to have the pictures. I touchy subject. Beautifull people lovely photographs.

    • I am in contact with these families, fortunately most of them are in far Western Nepal, away from the epicenter,and are doing alright. Appreciate your concern…

  3. I was going to say ‘beautiful pictures of beautiful people’ but then there seems to be an abundance of the word in comments by fellow bloggers. But, is there a better way to express what I feel when I see these pictures? No. So there you go – beautiful pictures of beautiful people. Indians are lucky to have gentle Nepalis live among us – we are lucky to be able to learn from their resilience and courage. God bless!

  4. I’m so glad you posted these photos today, especially in light of the new quakes. I’ll post over to Twitter and remind people to be generous in donations to one of the charities assisting (for me that’s International Medical Corps).

  5. It makes quite an impression seeing the pictures so close after the tragic earthquake Russ. Hopes and prayers to the people of Nepal.

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