11 thoughts on “Nomadruss on Facebook

  1. Hey Russ! I read the book you recommended on our trip. “Totch” was a great read. I loved learning the history involved in the Everglades, and it was fun being able to relate personally to the area. Thanks for the tip, and for being such an awesome guide! Beth

    • Hey Beth, I’m glad you gave it a read. Totch was certainly an interesting character and told a good story, and it is nice reading after you’ve spent some time paddling in the place. I’m glad you enjoyed the adventure! Russ

  2. Hello Russ this is prabhat a Indian Friend, we had met in Good samaritans New Delhi, hope you will recognize me. i am a great fren of your photography, you know, your photography tech inspired me and now i am working for photography.

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