Himachal Pradesh – Seven Ladies

The trip to Himachal Pradesh turned out to be pretty productive photographically. As I work through the edit I keep finding them. I hope you enjoy them, let me know your favorites.

A young girl in doorway, Ropa Village

Only a Kinnauri person wears the Kinnauri hat. This woman’s headscarf shows that she comes from another people group and married into the village.

An older woman sits in the doorway of her old village home fixing her hair

A Kinnauri woman in the classic Kinnauri hat and jewlery

Woman in the window of her village home

Three Ladies

Kinnauri Woman and Blue Door

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33 thoughts on “Himachal Pradesh – Seven Ladies

  1. Thanks Sarah, I’m getting to the end of the edit and a couple of these images fall more into the snapshot category, but I felt that one was strong. I really like the second one too. It’s the shadow on the wall, the dark feeling to the image, that I actually like. Appreciate the feedback!

  2. They are all wonderful, but my favorites are the last two. The blue door is stunning! The second photo is very interesting and dramatic as well. Well done!

  3. The old Kinnauri woman is my favourite. There is something about her face. Maybe the eyes? There are a lot of stories and a life lived in those eyes.
    The composition of the three ladies makes this photo for me: they are not looking directly into the camera. This turns it into a fantastic portrait…..I am betting most people would have asked them to turn and look into the camera!

  4. Beautiful shots. I love the portrait of the old lady and the one with the blue door. Lovely colors and personality. I’d love to talk to the old lady about her life – I bet she has amazing stories.

  5. Magical. I will try to remember to use doorways and alley ways to frame photographs. I often remember to use trunks and tree branches for such but I very much like your ladies in doorways and windows. Very nice work. Jean-Bernard.

  6. love these! especially the close up of the old woman. the glow in her eyes makes it look like she might have some interesting life stories to share… great shots all around- your perspective makes the observer feel like they are there!

  7. It’s the last one, for me – it’s beautiful, but more, it’s like peeping deep into the secrets of this architecturally different place, of the centuries of life in the town and the house proud women who’ve kept it alive.

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