Himachal Pradesh – Monasteries

As a photographer I must sometimes remind myself that I’m documenting, recording what is, and leave the judgments aside and look for the beauty of a scene. It can be hard to get past the discordant sounds of a monastery. The clashing of cymbals, mixed with the smoky black interiors and smell of butter lamps. On the inside of a monastery one might think Buddhism is the darkest of religions. Once back outside, the smiling face of the monks would have you believe it’s the most peaceful religion on the planet. This post takes a look at the monasteries in the Ropa Valley.

A woman pours tea during morning prayers at the monastery in Giabong Village, Himachal Pradesh, India

The door leading to the monastery in Ropa Village

Buddhist nuns during the recitation of prayers, Giabong Village

A monk’s eyeglasses rest on top of layers of prayers

A young boy wears a pendant of the Buddha around his neck

A man turns a prayer wheel using an automated system of a wooden lever and chain in Nesang Village

Nun, Giabong Village

Candle Lanterns await a washing after the ceremony

Click here for a full gallery of images from The Indian Himalaya


21 thoughts on “Himachal Pradesh – Monasteries

  1. I saw your photos from Himachal Pradesh on Fresh Pressed and absolutely love your work. I’ve spent some time there and in Ladakh, and your images truly capture the beauty of the place. It made me sort of homesick and wanting to go back.
    Best, e.v.

  2. Hey.. That’s some insightul photography! I live in India and have spent considerable visiting Ladakh & Himachal! One can go and on taking pics of the serenity of the mountains and the people there. Good pics :). And they inspire me to put up some of mine on my own blog too 🙂

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