A rainy morning in the Everglades



7 thoughts on “A rainy morning in the Everglades

    • I only edit iPhone photos, and this one was edited using Snapseed, which is now a free application ever since it was acquired by Google. Then after my Snapseed edit I ran it through Instagram and put it through the Hudson filter, I think, and then hit the button on the right that adds a little bit of drama to the scene, pulling out the clouds. It’s all quite fun actually.

  1. Wonderfully ominous! After having trekked through Belize, I now appreciate how the hurricane’s effect our own coast. This reminded me of seeing the aftermath of such so many times in Belize. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog… been posting more mommy stuff.. you’ll have to dig a couple pages deep under adventure/travel to find those posts. Great to get your posts. Gets me geared up for more travel… – Renee

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