Day’s End, Chokoloskee

I thought I’d post this before too much more time has passed. While it was actually made in the winter, in the Everglades, it could just as well symbolize the coming summer for many.

Starting next week I’ll be posting from my travels in the desert southwest. Hope to see you then…

Day's End, Chokoloskee

Day’s End, Chokoloskee


7 thoughts on “Day’s End, Chokoloskee

  1. Very nice, slightly surreal photos, I like them a lot. So envious of you going to the desert south-west, I would so love to do that. Very much looking forward to seeing the pictures as a kind of compensation. Have a great trip

      • There may be some good sounds in their for your journey? 🙂 There’s one dedicated to Edward Abbey, and as you’re on your way to “Abbey Country”….Have a great time 🙂

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