Water From The Sands (The best little-known Nat’l Park out there)

A creek that emerges from beneath the sands and disappears again into them, a sky that holds all the starry host, dunes that rise to the greatest heights in all of North America, all surrounded by snow-laced peaks, so is the park they call Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. The park lies beneath the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Crestone Peaks in Southern Colorado. I was to visit during May of 2013 while there were still spring storms rolling through the park. Snows briefly covered the dunes in entirety, an ephemeral moment in time. It was truly an amazing couple of days. What follows are images that were made in the park using my iPhone 4S. Once I’ve edited the images made with my Nikon D700, they will follow. I hope you enjoy this first glimpse into one of the least known parks, and one of my personal favorites.


22 thoughts on “Water From The Sands (The best little-known Nat’l Park out there)

  1. Beautiful! So many people have told me to stop there on my way thru CO and I never have. These are great images… new inspiration for a side trip!

  2. That is absolutely stunning! I also use my iPhone 4S to shoot most of my pictures (altough I have a Canon Eos D), amazing how those smartphone cameras improved. Thanks for sharing these great images and happy travels :)!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I loved the scenery there, but unfortunately the thing I remember most were the mosquitoes and bugs. They just about carried us off.

    • Nan, I think I visited at the perfect time. Storms continually rolling in, got caught in a white out, had overcast during the day when I could still photograph, had light break through on an evening or two. I saw this park in her many moods and benefitted from that.

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