Scenes along the road, Colorado

This post is simply a collection of images made while briefly traveling through Colorado this past May. There’s no set storyline, just a few images from times where I couldn’t help but pull the truck over to the side of the road to capture a scene that caught my eye. I did have a good, brief visit with Lonnie Smith and his family in Blanca and made of photo of their unique fence made of skis. And who knows, perhaps the little pink house was one that inspired John Cougar Mellencamp when he sang about America. Oh, and Hwy 258 N, on a crisp spring day, has to be one of the best drives in the country. So here’s a little bit of Colorado and it won’t be long until the blog catches up with me in Utah. Thanks for dropping by.

Hwy 258 N

Along CO Hwy 258

Hwy 258 N

Hwy 258 N

Double rainbow just outside of Crestone, Colorado

A Colorado country road

Little pink houses for you and me…

Lonnie Smith’s fence in Blanca, Colorado


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