The Israelis – Orthodox Prayers

Greetings from Tel Aviv! Since I’m still in the midst of travel, I haven’t put much time into editing. To start off “The Israeli’s” project I’ll go with two images made in Jerusalem.

I’ll confess, it’s tough for me when I go to a new country to slow down. But slowing down and having some patience is exactly what it took to make these two images. In both instances I was sitting in one place for a good while.

The first photograph below is one I would have imagined taking, but it’s tough to photograph Orthodox Jewish people without feeling as though you’re infringing on their space. On this evening I was sitting at a rail station photographing people awaiting the train. After I’d been there for over an hour, just taking in the scene, this Orthodox Jewish gentleman came and stood beside and just in front of me. I had the 35mm attached and was just able to compose a shot before the scene changed.

In the second photograph I was also sitting, this time on the ground. I was waiting for the Temple Mount to open and I had a good half hour or more to still wait in line. As the morning came people began walking by to visit the Western Wall. It gets crowded quickly, but I like to isolate individuals as much as possible, and I was able to make this photograph of an Orthodox man reading from his prayer book on his way to the Western Wall.

I was happy with both of these images and I hope you’ll stay tuned, there will be plenty more to come…


17 thoughts on “The Israelis – Orthodox Prayers

  1. These are good Russ! I know you must be having an amazing experience! We would all love to travel there, so thanks for sharing these and we can experience through your photos : )

  2. Ортодоксы они и в Африке ортодоксы. Не работают, в армии не служат, только молятся и молятся… В Израиле уже растёт недовольство ортодоксами. Они навязывают свои взгляды остальным гражданам и просто мешают жить.

    • Они определенно сделать много молиться, и они не могли бы быть совершенным, или даже хорошо все время, но я действительно ценю людей, которые ищут Бога.

      • Thank you for answer. I understood your position. Сколько людей столько и мнений. Number opinions equal number people. Russian folk.

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