Barred Owls and the Corkscrew Swamp

We walked into the quiet of the swamp along a boardwalk, pausing on the wooden slats to take in the sounds of the wrens and warblers as they greeted the dawn. In the distance a barred owl called. Ubiquitous throughout the southern swamps and woodlands, the call of the barred owl has long symbolized the wilderness to me. It’s rare that I’ve been able to catch a glimpse of them, but on this day they were to reveal themselves. Join me on a walk through the swamp on a spring morning…

Strangler Fig, Corkscrew Swamp

A songbird brings in the morning

A barred owl rests on a branch in the pre-dawn hour

Barred Owl, Corkscrew Swamp

Flowers stand amidst the earth’s largest Virgin Bald Cypress Forest

A barred owl takes to flight after missing out on a snake in the swamp

Purple Iris

Barred Owl napping

A Gulf Fritillary Butterfly


The Yellow-rumped Warbler


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