Ladakh – In Two Views (from the archives)

This week we’ll delve into the archives and take a look at one of my favorite places on the planet, Ladakh, India. Ladakh is located in the Himalayan mountains, adjacent to the Tibetan plateau. This post was the result of digging through the archives before returning to Ladakh, from where I’m posting this.

A view from outside and inside Thiksey Monastery

Two views of women on the Changtang Plateau

Two views of competition – Polo in Leh and Archery competition during the Ladakh Festival

Two views of women with peraks, the traditional Ladakhi headdress.


33 thoughts on “Ladakh – In Two Views (from the archives)

  1. Awesome pictures! You got some real winners in this set of photos. Love the sports and last Ladakhi shot in particular!

  2. It is fascinating, we are people that love to adorn ourselves no matter if we are in the heart of a highly civilized culture, the bush of Africa, or Himalayan Mountains. And thanks for the awesome photo’s Russ. Love them all.

  3. Ladakh is one of the places on the planet I’m dying to go. It’s remoteness and relative isolation help preserve its unique culture, so different from in any other parts of India. Superb photos, Russ!

    • Thanks Bama, Ladakh is one of the greatest places on the planet. I hope you make it before too long. The culture is changing rapidly, but still retains much flavor of the ancient…

  4. Thank you Russ for posting these pictures. It brought me back wonderful memories of my trip in Ladakh. I love the Polo pic

    • I do realize just how fortunate I am! It’s so nice to be able to share them. As Neil Young sang, comes a time when you’re drifting, comes a time when you settle down… And I guess that works the other way too!

    • Thanks Laurel, appreciate the kind words! Most of the images this trip have been for IMLI, but hopefully I’ll make a few good ones on the Changtang this coming week. Hope all is well in Georgia after the recent tornados!

  5. It’s clear from these breathtaking photos that I didn’t explore enough of Ladakh to see what you did! WOW! I absolutely adore that part of the world and want to go back. Thanks for putting that bug in my ear! 🙂

    • isn’t that the truth. well, we’re all out of lemons right now until the roads open again, there were some late spring snows so the passes are still closed. what to do?

  6. Great series of images.
    I’m so envious that you had this opportunity to see and photograph one of the unique Himalayan cultures.
    I’ll look forward to seeing some more of Ladakh on your site.

  7. Amazing pictures my friend. I could only dream of getting out to India for a nice adventure. Just fantastic.

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