Developing Rock Climbing in Ladakh

From May 2nd-4th, 2014 the International Mountain Leadership Institute (IMLI) held it’s second rock-climbing training in Ladakh, India. It was the second year of a three year program. During 2013 the students were trained according to the American Mountain Guide Association standards, during 2014 students were beginning to teach others, and the idea is that in 2015 Ladakhi guides will do the training with the IMLI observing. A fair number of beginner to intermediate routes have been bolted, and several guide services are now safely leading tourists on rock climbing excursions at this site in Shey, just 20 minutes outside of the capital of Leh, Ladakh. This week takes a look at the training and development of rock climbing in Ladakh.

One of the most beautiful rock climbing sites in Asia, set against the backdrop of the Stok Range of the Himalayan mountains.

A Ladakhi student climbs a friction climb as Stok Kagri looms in the background.

Each morning the instructors gathered at Gesmo’s Restaurant to discuss the day’s plans.

Students took turns teaching others how to safely set up climbing anchors.

Instructor Jaime Shorey observes students for safety and technique as they rappel.

A student engages in her first rappel.

Students climb at what must surely be one of the best rock climbing sites in Asia, at Shey, Ladakh.

Instructor Jesse Shorey carrying a rope to set up another climb.

Students practice on various routes at Shey, Ladakh.

The future looks bright for climbing in Ladakh.

Training the next generation of Ladakhi climbers, IMLI.


19 thoughts on “Developing Rock Climbing in Ladakh

  1. Gorgeous! I especially liked the one showing students climbing various routes…nice composition. And…do you climb? 😉

      • Cool. I just spent a bit of time checking out Outward Bound. I’ve heard of it but didn’t know much about the details. Excellent work…especially the vet program. Just wrapped up watching the video of your 2012 Everglades Staff Expedition through the River of Grass . Great video to get some reality on what the program is like…and funny too! Well, carry on! Looking forward to the next pics.

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