Harvest Time, Poland

While I was in Poland, a friend was visiting an international school just outside of Warsaw. I decided to ride along on the bus to see what I might find in a small town nearby. Once outside of Warsaw, there were many fields and I was initially drawn to a solitary tree. As I wandered through the field I spotted a couple pulling up beets, and then a couple of men winterizing the turnip crop. My language was limited to hello, please, and thank you, but with that and some smiles I managed to spend a little bit of time with them. It was a dreary autumn day, but I had some good moments with these people.

A lone tree in a Polish field


A couple harvests beets in fields just outside of Warsaw


Beets (and a carrot) in baskets


Fields of Autumn


Recently harvested turnips being readied for winter


Winterizing the turnips


Field of cabbages ready for harvest


Carrying watermelons to market



8 thoughts on “Harvest Time, Poland

  1. It is always interesting getting out of the big cities to have a look what happens in the country side, no matter what country you are in:)

  2. The last image, with the tractor is great. The sense of space and the timing, with the tractor cut off from the image, adds a point of tension. The bold red of the tractor and the pale green of the cabbages contrast against the earth tones. Nice work!

    • Thanks again Sonja. It was certainly a challenging situation in which to photograph. Completely dreary and drizzly. I really appreciate your feedback. That’s awesome that you spent some time at university and studied the art of photography (I learned this on your blog), it’s nice taking that first step. I took a class at a community college in Marin County, CA some years ago and it was there that the belief in my art really took root, largely from the feedback I received from the teacher and my peers. Glad to meet someone else who’s on the journey!

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