The Everglades…Dolphins and Manatees

This week we’ll take a brief look at some of the favorite mammals in the Everglades, dolphins and manatees. These aren’t made from underwater like many of the beautiful ones you see, but are made while out in the canoe or walking along the waters edge as I’m out and about. No matter how many times you see them, it’s always a bit of a thrill. Hope you enjoy them.

A dolphin spots some fish and begins to feed


A dolphin rounds up some fish in Chokoloskee, Florida


A dolphin mama feeds with her calf


Manatees among the mangroves


Mama manatees and their calves make their way through a mangrove swamp


A manatee nibbles on the mangroves


A mama manatee and her calf move along in warmer waters during a cold stretch in the Everglades


A manatee comes to the surface to breath



14 thoughts on “The Everglades…Dolphins and Manatees

  1. My grandson and I have a game where we take pictures of animals near where we live and send them to each other. And the manatee is one that looks so different from above, quite often they look like logs floating along the water. When I sent the one of the manatee, I had to cut/paste an underwater picture with it so he could see the features better.

    My job allows me to see Florida waterways almost every day and you are right, it is a thrill to see them every single time, especially the dolphins when they play and put on a show for you. I have yet to see a whale…maybe one day.

    • It is tough to shoot a manatee from above and make it come out looking like a manatee. I have seen one dolphin do a complete out of water breach six times in a row! But alas, too far for good photos. My entire group exalted with each breach!

  2. Beautiful images, Russ…

    I didn’t know that, they could be found in shallow waters.

    The one in which a Mama Dolphin is feeding her calf is such a rare sighting I feel 🙂

    Thanks a lot for sharing …

    • Thanks Sreejith Ji, it’s not uncommon to see mama dolphins with their calves, it’s been rarer for me to see the manatees. The manatees are often in shallow waters. That’s a problem because they hit by boats propellers. You can sometimes see pretty significant scars.

  3. I watched a pair on the ocean pair putting on a show, doing flips, crossing each other… The works. Some things you remember forever. Sadly the iPhone wasn’t good enough…no captures.

  4. Beautiful pictures, Russ. So close to nature. After returning from fishing today, three manatee were under our dock. As soon as my husband began flushing the motor with fresh water, the three nudged each other out of the way to drink from the “fresh water fountain” we were creating. Such fun to watch. The largest one rolled on his back, flippers tucked over his humongous girth and drank in that position. He was “livin the good, life.” It really saddens me to see the scars.

  5. Thank you Russ dear, for these photos. If it were’t for them I would NEVER have seen a manatee. AND I’m about to leave Everglades City.

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