Bison and Old Faithful

I’m introducing Yellowstone this week, where I’m working as a park ranger for the season. There’ll be plenty of Yellowstone to come. In my first couple of weeks I’ve seen a grizzly bear and a black wolf. Then there’s the bison, trumpeter swans, and sandhill cranes. The place is utterly amazing. I don’t have pictures of it all, but I’ll share the ones I do get along the way. I thought I’d start with one of the most iconic places in all of America, Old Faithful.

A bison slowly meanders in front of Old Faithful on a cold spring afternoon minutes before Old Faithful was to erupt.

He then continued sauntering along. Be careful out there kids. Just this past Friday the first bison goring of the season occurred when a group was standing too close to a bison. You need to stay at least 25 yards away. A 16 year old girl turned around to make a photo when the bison charged and knocked her down hard, goring her in the process. These are wild animals.


31 thoughts on “Bison and Old Faithful

  1. What wonderful photos! Can’t wait what more you’ll be able to share with us this summer. Our plan is to head to Yellowstone this summer, but we’ll probably wait until September when ut hopefully is a but calmer (and not as warm).

  2. I too like the third photo. Good reminder to visitors to be wary, Russ. I expect at times you will have your hands full this summer with the onslaught, but what a wonderful place to work.

  3. What wonderful news! I look forward to seeing the park through your eyes. I was there long ago, but still remember parts of it – unforgettable!

  4. How wonderful that you are there for the season. It’s been more than thirty years since I have been there and I do want to take my husband one of these days as he has never been. Nature in its native state…something I don’t see enough of.

  5. So jealous. You’re going to have a great summer (despite the hordes of tourists). My daughter was a park ranger (at Lake and West) for several seasons. It’s one of my favorite places on earth.

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