Yellowstone… Black Sand Basin

Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop. -Ansel Adams

Last Thursday morning I headed just down the street to Black Sand Basin. For one early morning I was glad to come away with a few photographs made. Black Sand Basin is somewhat overlooked although it lies just a stone’s throw from Old Faithful. It has a couple of geysers that are quite active and the light that morning was real nice. What’s your favorite national park to photograph?

Cliff Geyser


Green Lake


Hot Spring runoff to Iron Spring Creek



Spouter Geyser


Part of the joy of being in Yellowstone is the people you meet along the way. Larry Youngberg is out traveling the national parks.



22 thoughts on “Yellowstone… Black Sand Basin

  1. Being a Californian, most of the parks I love are the popular ones, Yosemite and Sequoia but I really enjoyed Pinnacles, too. The rock formations are awesome and the caves are great fun in the spring when water is running through them. Too hot after that, though.

    • Thanks. There are only a handful of geyser fields in the world, Kamchatka, Chile, New Zealand, Iceland, and Yellowstone. Thankful to have the greatest collection in the world right here!

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