The Everglades

This will be a one photo post this week. I’ll be out in a canoe when this posts on Tuesday morning, finishing up a five day trip. I’m in one of the most magical places on earth for the winter season – the Florida Everglades.


I’ve got plenty more photos from Yellowstone, and the beginning of winter, to come too. So don’t go away.


8 thoughts on “The Everglades

  1. Just beautiful.
    Excuse my ignorance, but are all the everglades water? It appears so on the occasional CSI tv series I watch. It looks very low, mainly water with reeds or plants in water and tracks or roads in between the water pockets.

    • The Everglades is a river of grass, 60 miles wide and a couple hundred miles long. It’s like a sheet of water moving across the state. And yes, there are strands where there is water between thin strips of land. Then there’s the ten thousand islands with mangroves and pristine beaches. It’s a truly amazing place.

      • Thanks Russ. I am woefully ignorant when it comes to the US (and Africa). The only American areas I see are my National Geographic dvds on some of the National Parks and surprisingly, Alaska.

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