Myanmar (Burma)…Looking Back

It’s hard to believe, yet all of these images were made six years ago, back in December of 2009. I decided to breath a little life back into them, as they’ve never made it off the hard drive until now. I’m planning to clear the hard drive of all the old and bring in plenty of new in 2016. So if you’ve just recently joined me, get ready for many an adventure to come!

To see the full gallery of images from Myanmar, follow this link


A woman works her field in the town of Bagan


Following the traditions of their ancestors, a couple an ox drawn cart


Bringing fish out of the coolers for sale in the market



A woman sells tuna in the market


A man keeps watch as a woman walk by with papaya


Sorting fish at the market


Fresh Papaya


Apartments in Yangon


Electric grid


People watch from apartments in Yangon


5 thoughts on “Myanmar (Burma)…Looking Back

  1. Wow these are stunning and really show us a glimpse of what life is like there (a place I would love to see). Were you there for work or pleasure? Can’t wait for the rest of the photos!

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