The Everglades in Two Views

Two views of the Everglades during the evening hours_RBT5173RBT_5698

Two views of Great Blue Herons huntingRBT_9708RBT_8554

Two views of people enjoying the Everglades_RBT3271_RBT2186

Two views of birds feeding in the shallowsRBT_7564RBT_9351

Two views of the Kingfisher in flightRBT_8972RBT_4082

Two views of birds (a wood stork and an egret) coming in for a landingDSC_3665DSC_3802


23 thoughts on “The Everglades in Two Views

  1. Beautiful as always. I was showing my husband some of your portfolio and his response was, “He’s got the gift.” Keep on doing it…we love it!

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