First light, sunsets, rainbows and clouds

In this edition of “Yellowstone in Two Views” you’ll find first light, sunsets, rainbows, clouds and more.

Two views of dramatic lightRBT_0001RBT_0002

Two views of scenes along the Bear Tooth HighwayRBT_0003RBT_0004

Two views of golden morning lightRBT_0005RBT_0006Two views of rainbowsRBT_0007RBT_0008

Two views of dramatic cloudsRBT_0009RBT_0010

Two views of trees RBT_0011RBT_0012


16 thoughts on “First light, sunsets, rainbows and clouds

  1. Great images.
    I love the mist/steam? in # 3, 6 & 7.
    As much as I like green foliage and blue skies, I like the atmosphere created with mist and dramatic cloud cover.

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