White Sands, NM


I had only an evening, a day, and a morning to photograph White Sands. How could I convey the essence of the place, I wondered. The first evening the light was dramatic for only a few moments and I was fortunate to come away with a frame or two. I was still familiarizing myself to the park.

The park didn’t open until 7am and it closed again at 8pm during the time I was there. The sunrise was about ten minutes before 7. I was glad I’d asked the ranger the first evening about camping, as I learned the airforce base about 3 miles away allowed for free camping. It was basic, a patch of ground with a latrine I assume some soldiers had dug. It would work just fine for me. That allowed me to awaken, stuff the tent, get to the gas station for coffee and those mini-donuts (you know, you want to be healthy on the road) and be at the gate about a quarter till. I did my best to stay at the speed limits as I hurried through the park to the place I’d selected to photograph.

There are lots of footprints on many of the dunes. I opted to go the opposite direction from which I’d seen tourists and hope for the best. I was able to find the scenes I’d imagined. The first morning was still overcast, but that allowed for a couple of dramatic moments.

The second morning broke crystal clear so I worked to get the low angle of light across the dunes. I guess I was a week or so late for the Soaptree Yucca blooms, but I found that I really liked them in their post-bloom, dried condition. I found them to be somewhat artistic. I really liked the picnic tables too, and could almost dedicate a post just to them. They had a very retro 1950’s feel to me.

I also did my best to pause, soak in the silence, and enjoy just being in such a beautiful place. I hope you’ll enjoy the work I did there.



27 thoughts on “White Sands, NM

  1. What an incredible place and the light at that time of day!
    You’ve captured it perfectly.
    These are the sort of image I’d like to have hanging on my wall. So calming.

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