North Dakota – In Two Views

Wild horses, bison, and a snowy landscape made for an amazing photographic trip to Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. While it was challenging to shoot in snow and overcast conditions, it also allowed for some imagery that couldn’t have been created in any other way. I have a feeling it won’t be my last trip to the state.

Two views of the American BisonRBT_3068RBT_3369

Two views of wild horses runningRBT_3177RBT_3190

Two views of wild horses feeding RBT_3234RBT_3310

Two views of North Dakota during a fresh snowfallRBT_3363RBT_3366

Two views of a herd of wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park RBT_3628RBT_3672

Two views of the North Dakota landscapeRBT_3277RBT_3703

Two final views of animals in the falling snowRBT_3419RBT_3334


A parting shot by Akash Wadwhani, another photographer I met while exploring North Dakota. 13221085_10153386758460059_929287491849809869_n


19 thoughts on “North Dakota – In Two Views

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  3. Gorgeous and almost eerie shots.
    What a difficult water hole to drink from… and look at the little foal rearing and playing on the top of the hill while the mares continue their more adult way of eating. Love it!

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