Dog days of summer

When I was growing up in Alabama and August rolled around with its continued intense heat we’d call it the dog days of summer. You’d spend your day at the swimming pool or under the shade with a glass of sweet tea. So for those suffering in the midst of summer heat consider this post a bit of a respite, as these were all made when the road between Yellowstone and the Tetons first opened in May 2016.


Along the shores of Yellowstone Lake


Spring thaw just in the beginning stages


Lake Yellowstone 


Near Little Thumb Creek where I would later see the grizzly bear


Patchwork snow in Hayden Valley


A meadow near Canyon 


Lewis Creek 


The road from Yellowstone to the Tetons 


Mt Moran from Oxbow Bend, Tetons 


The Teton Range from Jackson Lake 


12 thoughts on “Dog days of summer

  1. Great photos as always. Back in the 1970s when I worked at the park, it was while the snow was melting and retreating that we arrived and started the summer season, and had wet feet from puddles just walking a few yards to work, as well as limited trails open for hiking, etc. But for years after I would be homesick for that mucky thaw season.

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