Valley of Dry Bones


Jawbone of an elk, Pelican Valley

Whether it’s the print of a wolf and pup along the trail, or the jawbone of an elk on an outcropping along a river, the stories of Yellowstone’s animals are are there for the telling. While I edit photos from the recent bear encounter, here are the stories found when the animals weren’t present. You can reconstruct many stories from a valley of dry bones.


Elk torso, Pelican Valley


Elk Skull


Remnants of an elk


Skull and antlers of a mule deer in a backcountry spring


Paw print from a grizzly bear


Bones along the Yellowstone River



Prints of a wolf and pup 


Valley of Dry Bones


13 thoughts on “Valley of Dry Bones

      • Russ, would you ever be open to an interview by me or a guest post on your work at the park? I am particularly interested in what the increase in tourism has done to impact the park. I’ve read a lot on this issue in the National Geographic Centennial edition and I have been working to educate readers on sustainable and responsible travel. I would love to talk to you about it or have you share a guest post. Let me know what you think. Nicole

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