Atlantic Ave, Beach Access

When I first arrived back in Florida I visited New Smyrna Beach and was thinking through a photographic project, when I happened upon private beach access gates and walkways along Atlantic Ave. Hurricane Matthew had just passed by, leaving a few of them rough looking, which was perfect. I wanted to capture the character of the different gates and pathways. So here they are, the access gates and pathways of Atlantic Ave, New Smyrna Beach, FL. rbt_6441rbt_6451rbt_6453rbt_6455rbt_6456rbt_6458rbt_6466rbt_6469rbt_6470rbt_6472rbt_6473rbt_6474rbt_6475rbt_6478rbt_6486rbt_6488rbt_6493rbt_6495rbt_6496rbt_6506rbt_6510rbt_6512rbt_6515rbt_6516rbt_6517rbt_6520rbt_6530rbt_6532


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