Florida Springs


Rum Island Spring

There is real, and wild, Florida. If when I mention Florida you think condos and beaches, and Epcot, let me take you to the interior where you find Florida as she was made in the beginning. As you journey along her rivers and springs you do indeed find the real Florida. The part that is free and wild, albeit struggling to remain pure and undefiled in this world we live in. I want you to get to know it, if that only from a distance you’d be invested in protecting her. We all need these still-wild places.


Blue Spring


Blue Spring


Seven Sisters Spring


Fern Hammock Springs


Fern Hammock Springs


Gilchrist Blue Springs


Gilchrist Blue Springs meeting the Santa Fe River


Naked Spring Run


Gilchrist Blue Springs


Gilchrist Blue Springs


Gilchrist Blue Springs meeting the Santa Fe River


Boardwalk at Gilchrist Blue Springs


Gilchrist Blue Springs and the Santa Fe River


43 thoughts on “Florida Springs

  1. Wow – beautiful images of another Florida. Where is the boardwalk? It is such fun to image what Florida used to be like – something I can do in the Everglades. Thanks for sharing your part or the state.

  2. Such beautiful images. Specially love the one with the huge fish and the first one – are those surf boards the girls are floating on? Am also curious to know why the water is light blue at certain spots. Florida – you have a fan.

  3. Russ, these photos are right on time. We are headed to Florida in less than two weeks, and plan to snorkel with the manatees in the springs! I can’t wait. Thank you

  4. Absolutely stunning photos Russ! Living on the opposite coast in San Diego, which amazes me daily with beauty, I have this desire to know and appreciate other incredible places in the U.S. Your photo with the manatee is like looking into a fantasy-world! Thank you!!

    • Hey Brooke, thanks for the comments. It is really nice to share places with others who maybe can’t get there or need to travel in this way. I absolutely love exploring the culture in my own backyard like I did overseas. Thanks!

  5. Beautiful Pictures Russ, always enjoy hearing your comments about our beautiful state. Experiencing these wild places is a little different when accompanied by the Juveniles we paddled with years ago. Take Care of your self.
    P.S. I worked at STEP from 1980 to 1982

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