The Little Big Econlockhatchee

The Little Big Econlockhatchee, a river which runs quite close to the edge of Orlando and eventually into the St. John’s River in Florida, is one of the few remaining unspoiled rivers near such a large population center. Its level varies greatly according to rain amounts, and if you’re out early, before the crowds, it’s a beautiful paddle. RBT_9675





This post was scheduled for this day. NomadRuss is spending the season at Katmai National Park in Alaska. He won’t have solid internet connection again until late September, so responses to comments may be delayed. Please be patient and see you in the fall! Still, look for posts here every Thursday!


8 thoughts on “The Little Big Econlockhatchee

  1. I paddled this river so many times with FINS courses back in 90-91. So nice to see pictures of this beautiful river. I remember cursing it because back then, it was so low we were unloading our canoes to pull them over and around trees It seemed like every 5 minutes. I didn’t see it for the beautiful river it was. Beautiful pictures!

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