Johnson Spring and Lilies


Johnson Spring is a smaller spring in the Gilchrist Blue Springs area. Duckweed covers part of the surface, but the water is still a pretty bluish color and flows along for several hundred yards where it meets the Santa Fe River. RBT_6590-EditRBT_6596-EditRBT_6613-EditRBT_6620-Edit

While the lighting was sub-optimal, I was entrance by all of the lilies in bloom. RBT_6048-EditRBT_6111-EditRBT_6121-EditRBT_6637-Edit

I followed a forest trail that led back to Naked Springs, a flashier cousin. RBT_6682-Edit

A partially buried bottle along Naked Spring RunRBT_6684-Edit

Maple pods, a sure sign of the beginning of springRBT_6686-Edit

These last two images were made at a place named Pearl Spring, where I had some sunshine on the flowers. And that will wrap it up for this week. RBT_8190-EditRBT_8212-Edit


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