August Aurora

And now in August the night sky returns, though nights are still brief. You can still pick up light from the sun, just beneath the horizon. Yet they’re long enough to catch a glimpse of the northern lights. And it’s time to tell my friends to wake me if I’m not out there. I’ll share the words of Robert Francis and his poem Summons.

Keep me from going to sleep too soon

Or if I go to sleep too soon

Come wake me up. Come any hour

Of night. Come whistling up the road.

Stomp on the porch. Bang on the door.

Make me get out of bed and come

And let you in and light a light.

Tell me the northern lights are on

And make me look. Or tell me clouds

Are doing something to the moon

They never did before, and show me.

See that I see. Talk to me till

I’m half as wide awake as you

And start to dress wondering why

I ever went to bed at all.

Tell me the walking is superb.

Not only tell me but persuade me.

You know I’m not too hard persuaded.


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