Voting in a working class neighborhood in Florida

Voters line up outside a precinct in South Florida

I decided to forego early voting or absentee voting this year so that I could enjoy the American democratic process. I awoke early and headed to the polls and found a few even more eager to wait in line. A poll watcher strolled by with a box of donuts, but was disappointed to find that he couldn’t share them with the other poll workers, as it could be considered a bribe. There were some small glitches in the process, such as when the workers struggled to remember a password for a laptop that would help prove evidence of whether or not an absentee ballot had been cast. All in all though, it was a smooth process.

I was not allowed to use my camera inside the polling station itself, and while I understood, it was unfortunate. There were some good images to be made of people looking over their ballots as they waited in line and they placed their ballots in the machine.

On the way out I was told I could only make photos from 100 feet away, so I made one parting shot of voters in line as the rain was lightly falling.


11 thoughts on “Voting in a working class neighborhood in Florida

  1. I like how raw these pictures are. The weather really adds to them too and I think that your idea of shoes over faces is a great idea. It allows the viewers the chance to create their own idea and really adds to the working class theme.

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