Kargil at Night

This past summer I had the opportunity to do some work with The International Mountain Leadership Institute in Kargil, Jammu & Kashmir, India. Kargil is the type of town that most tourists only pass through, changing a bus for jeep to Zanskar or continuing onwards through Dras to Srinagar. Most spend an hour in the bazaar getting a meal and then it’s back on the road. Fortunately for me this time I had two days and was able to get to know the town a little better. It’s an interesting place for a photographer. This week we’ll take a look at Kargil at night.


6 thoughts on “Kargil at Night

  1. Wonderful shots! Have you been following the news this past week? The line of control…an area that has born such a heavy burden. Am looking forward to your shots and stories about your experiences there…

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