Savannah, a Modern Retrospective in iPhoneography

I find that in my cultural documentary style, my eye tends towards those things that are passing. I want to document things that may not be with us for long, such as old architecture, or children playing on non-electronics. I’ll add an occasional modern piece so that it’s clear that it’s a modern look back in time. I specifically wanted to include the live oaks that mingle with the architecture throughout the city. And as always with the iPhone, it’s as much about art as it is photography. I hope you enjoy them.

For those who enjoy the technical side of things, the photos were edited on the phone using Snapseed and occasionally Instagram. The fish eye shots were made using the olloclip.


13 thoughts on “Savannah, a Modern Retrospective in iPhoneography

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  2. Russ you have got skillz!!! Love being able to see your photos….thank you for sharing them! These are really cool….did u sneak up on people and take their pictures :). The guy on the bench, old Oldsmobile (?), and little girl on the scooter are great…and that old door. Love from Nicalandia Brother!

    • Haha. No sneaking. The guy on the bench on the phone started to get up and I said, just a quick picture, it’s perfect, and he settled back in. The guy in the Oldsmobile was waiting on his friend across the street. I asked him if he’d mind if I took a quick photo. He said it’d be alright. Now there were others who said no and that’s to be expected. I do think only having a phone helped to get one or two of those shots, where people might have been a bit more shy seeing a DSLR. I need to make a trip down to Nicalandia some time!

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