Zebulon, Georgia – An Abandoned School

I’d come across a post about an abandoned school in Zebulon, Georgia and I wanted to see it for myself. I made some calls and found out that the school was locked, but after speaking with the mayor’s office I was told that the mayor would meet me and allow me to look around and make some photographs. The old school fell into disuse sometime during the 1980’s and it has sat unoccupied all this time.

Mayor Mike Beres met me at the school, this happened in mid-December this past year, and told me that the city of Zebulon is considering replacing the roof in order to keep the building functional. The city is willing to sell the building as well. If you were from Atlanta, for example, and wanted to invest in the building, you could possibly turn it into an arts center, or something of the like. It has a large auditorium and a hallway of classrooms, an antique, functioning furnace, and it might be the right project for the right person or organization. So consider this not only a post about an abandoned building, but also a sort of open house. You can contact Mayor Beres at 770-567-8748 or mberes@bellsouth.net

This first old home was on the road between Carrolltown and Newnan, GA.

This is an old storefront in Newnan, GA.

I thought I sensed someone watching.

This is a beautiful old southern home, fortunately not burned by Sherman on the march through Atlanta, that is being restored. It was one of many beautiful old homes.

Another southern mansion.

The front of the old Zebulon School.

Inside the entrance to the old school in Zebulon. From this point on you can take a virtual walk through the school.

The courthouse in Zebulon sits on a classic downtown square for which the south is famous.

Across the street from the courthouse is a nice barbecue restaurant.

As I left town and passed through another small Georgia town I couldn’t help but smile at the sign on a local Dairy Queen. “I’ll take the Jesus loves you Double Cheese Combo please.”

I have to admit, at the end of the day I still couldn’t quite shake that mannequin I’d seen in the morning.

There it is, the old Zebulon school and surroundings. Be sure to contact Mayor Beres if you have an interest in it.


42 thoughts on “Zebulon, Georgia – An Abandoned School

  1. I have to agree with you “someone watching you”; that maniquin was a bit odd, especially in a schoolhouse of all places. It can be an erie moment, when one senses something like that, especially when you dont see anyone.

    There is a big old building off of Highway 36 in Butts County Ga. that I do believe used to be an old school building. I would love to go take a few captures, and post them in a story on my blog, but the last 2 times I tried that, I was headily warned not to come back. the man was serious, he had a shotgun in hand. I was simply asking to see If I could do a few outside captures of the place. I guess they have a few too many problems with the property, as far as people steeling things. I tried to assure him that I had so such intentions, but the man just wouldnt listen. If you’d like to look into it, maybe you would have better luck with the old timer. ? 🙂 I wouldnt mind giving you the location.

    I absolutely LOVE the fact that you were able to go it {with permission, of course} and take some awesome captures! Oldtimie & Antique, {& even haunted & deserted} things inspire me and get me interested! Keep up the good work! I am interested in what your blog holds! ~Ami

  2. I’ve shot there a couple times — as recently as about a month ago. Wonderful place, isn’t it? And you found the Oink Joint! I love that restaurant! I just wish it was closer to Atlanta. 🙂

      • If you find yourself there again, take a moment to stop by A Novel Experience (if you haven’t already). The owner, Chris Curry, is one of the people who founded Slow Exposures, the annual celebration of Southern photography. She’s a wonderful person, and the store is like putting on a pair of comfortable shoes.

  3. Thank you! This is my hometown Our courthouse has been featured in several movies as well, Fried Green Tomatoes being one. I loved all of the pictures! Thanks again!

    • Hey Shannon, nice to know it’s your hometown. I’m amazed at the longevity of this post. People are often searching for abandoned buildings in Georgia. I was very grateful to your mayor for allowing me to spread the word about this building!

  4. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know who painted those murals and who decorated that bulletin board…which doesn’t look like that was done too long ago. What is the row of steel things in the photo with the date 1908 stamped on the front?

    • I painted the tree in the hall and painted the same tree on a board in my room. We just changed and decorated the trees with the seasons.
      My first year of teaching was in the front room towards the cemetery. A bigger room opened up on the back side when a teacher left. Later the ceiling fell in the old room. The building was so old I went to the new superintendent to complain about a few things. Dr. Turpin listened and helped with solutions. Taught kindergarten there and we then moved to the primary school in town. Funny it was my first year there and also the last classes there. Many memories.

  5. Zebulon also has a DQ as the only fast food chain in the town but I knew immediately that was not Zebulons DQ. Mostly because of the Christmas lights that were seen on the light poles. Zebulon needs to update their Christmas lights so bad, they are an embarassment.

  6. I absolutely love your pics of the old school. As one of Pike’s School Bus Drivers I pass that old building day in and day out and oh so many times have thought how much I would just love to take a walk through that building just to see and feel it’s history! Your pictures just allowed me that! Thank you!

  7. I lived in pike county for years and have went into that building several times. My grandmother tells me so many story about that school, its so beautiful and a wonderful town and location. The old is what makes like what it is today

  8. i went to this school 3 and 4th grade it was a shithole then looked about the same .it was in the dark part of town there were used rubbers on the playground and beer and wine bottles .almost 3rd world it seemed early 80s ,i cant even think of sending my kids to such a school .
    total hell hole as i remember

  9. Nice to see wonderful images of school–many photographers from across the US have taken photos here while in town for SlowExposures. Beginning an effort this Fall to rescue school before it’s too late–forming community steering committee with first step: nomination to get it listed on National Register of Historic Places…then fundraising–we’ll need everyone’s help….stay tuned! Chris Curry

  10. Reliving memories through your pictures of the old school. I painted the tree on the bulletin board in the hall and I also had one painted on a board in my room. We simply decorated it through the seasons and class pictures were taken in front of it. My 28 years of teaching began in a small classroom in the front of that building. I taught kindergarten and we were the last to teach there after moving to the primary school in town. The building was always in poor condition. After moving to a larger room, the ceiling in my old room fell in. A good move! Just wondering if I could get a professional copy of the pictures of the bulletin board. I especially like the one by the front door. I’m in disbelief that it remained intact all these years.
    Would love to hear from you. Thanks, Audrey Smith

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