Spring Run, Tallulah Gorge

This was an iPhone project related to the release of water in the Tallulah Gorge from the dam built in 1921. Each spring and fall there is a release of water and the kayakers take to it. It’s quite the spectacle. While I made a few images of the kayakers, my focus was to catch the gorge on the second morning so that I could see the river as it might have been on a spring day in the early 1900’s.

Each spring there is one weekend where water is released from the dam. At 8am sirens sound, the flood gages open and 500-700cfs is released. Once the waters calm a bit, boaters are allowed to ride the river.

The river is released once in the spring and once in the fall. It was also released for the movie Deliverance.

Kayakers gather, anticipating the days run


The gorge as seen from the bridge on the second morning


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