The People Who Lived There

These are all iPhone photographs made along the backroads of Alabama and Georgia during the spring of 2013. Some are old homes that will soon pass back to the earth, others currently occupied, tenants unknown. All were processed with Snapseed, some further processed using Instagram.


14 thoughts on “The People Who Lived There

  1. These are wonderful photos. Very sensitive and strong. And they evoke a deep sense of connection to a past that I’ve never experienced. I can almost hear the conversations that must have taken place in those houses. I imagine the 1930’s and the Great Depression and the struggles folks dealt with. Thanks for posting them.

  2. These are beautiful photos, you must have a very artistic eye. It’s really amazing to see how different things can be from the backroads to the main roads. Someone before me mentioned the eerie quality of these photos, I definitely agree that it’s very fitting and adds intrigue. I’m new to your blog, but I think I will be keeping up with it as often as I can.

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