Dream Beneath the Desert Sky

Desert sky
Dream beneath the desert sky
The rivers run, but soon run dry
We need new dreams tonight

-In God’s Country, U2

And so I arrived in Utah. These images were made on my first couple of hours in the state. Initially I’ll be posting some iPhone photographs as they’re quicker to edit and in due time I’ll get to the images made on the DSLR. I hope you enjoy these and I look forward to sharing more.


19 thoughts on “Dream Beneath the Desert Sky

    • Utah is beautiful and I’ve certainly got Arches on the list of places to visit. I have a real aversion to photographing places that are over-photographed, so I’ll have to try something unique.

  1. Very nice! I’ve never been in Utah, but I’ve seen and photographed many a desert. Hard and desolate places. But by increasing the grain (or is this because its taken with an iphone? -either way…), you gave the landscapes more nostalgic emotion and reduced its hardness.

    • Thanks for the in depth look! The graininess is mostly due to the processing on the iPhone. They’re smaller files, so when edited the graininess comes out. These were primarily edited with Snapseed and then through Instagram.

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