Monument Valley – Behind the Scenes

While I was captivated by the beauty of Monument Valley, I was just as intrigued by the human tourists who visit the park. Coming from all over the world to visit the Southwest, they come, cameras in hand. I was so intrigued that I visited the valley a second time, on a rainy day, just to see what the tourists were up to. So here’s at look behind the scenes at Monument Valley. I hope you enjoy the views of them as they enjoyed the views of the park.

These people were having such a loverly time


11 thoughts on “Monument Valley – Behind the Scenes

  1. Interesting perspective! I do the same thing while traveling. I LOVE to watch people in Art Museums. So many people walk right by amazing works of art while on their phones! (Of course, after looking at the art, I’m people-watching, so I’m just as guilty!) Great post and photos!

  2. Nice pictures! This reminds the great shots from Martin Parr. When I manage to take a distance from myself (and not playing the typical tourist, which I do too), I also enjoy taking pictures from the people in front of any touristic place, that might come to really funny situations 🙂

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