The Separation Wall – West Bank (Bethlehem)

I was curious about the “separation wall” that divides Jerusalem from the West Bank, particularly in this case the town of Bethlehem. Setting aside all political views, I went to the wall to see the art that was painted on the Palestinian side. While I like more dynamic photos, there are several of the paintings on the wall that are a bit static, but what to do? I did blend in a few photos of life on the streets just inside the wall. I hope they give you a feel for the place.

Painting by a famous British street artist, Banksy, in an ironic look at the searching of innocent people. Kind of reminds me of being at the airport.

Love Wins. Always.

Remember the Women and Children

Borrowed from Amos 5:24 in the Jewish (and Christian) Scriptures, in which the prophet Amos is warning Israel to return to the Lord. They did not and were sent into exile.

Men talk at an auto workshop on the Palestinian side of the separation wall

A gas station just inside the wall

This quote is found at Yad Veshem, The Holocaust Memorial, in Jerusalem. It was a quote directed towards Germany as they oppressed the Jews. Here it is being directed towards Israel by those in the West Bank.

A Palestinian boy makes his way towards his home as he walks along the separation wall

Young boys in Bethlehem show off their Palestinian flags

A group of soldiers in Bethlehem. They were an obvious presence on this day as John Kerry, Secretary of State for the United States was visiting Bethlehem.

The latest fashion in Bethlehem

Church of the Nativity, the presumed place of Jesus’ birth

A group gathers before boarding a local bus

A gas station in Bethlehem

There was no room in the inn, I checked. Some things never change.

Stars & Bucks

Taxi Driver, Bethlehem


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