Evening and Morning… The Colorado River

I choose to listen to the river for a while, thinking river thoughts, before joining the night and the stars. — Edward Abbey

Although I worked for a season on Lake Powell, I struggled with this one thought, I knew it was truly a river. I liked going up to Hite, where the waters had receded due to drought and restored the Colorado River to her natural boundaries. There I could sit along the shores of the Colorado River and listen, and feel what the river felt like in time before, and as it should be once again. I stayed for the night, watching the moonlight illuminate the cliffs and the morning sun reflect them on the waters…

Men may dam it and say that they have made a lake, but it will still be a river. It will keep its nature and bide its time, like a caged animal alert for the slightest opening. In time, it will have its way; the dam, like the ancient cliffs, will be carried away piecemeal in the currents. — Wendell Berry


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