Mea Sharim – Street Photography

Mea Sharim is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Jerusalem and is where many ultra-Orthodox Jewish people live. I went to photograph there one afternoon with just my 35mm and 50mm lenses and found that with the streets crowded I blended in quite naturally. The following morning I returned early and I felt a bit more obtrusive, but spoke with a couple of gentlemen in the neighborhood and let them know that I’d show due respect. It’s a fascinating neighborhood and I’d certainly like to return for a more in-depth look. As you scroll through it will give you a glimpse into the life of the neighborhood.


25 thoughts on “Mea Sharim – Street Photography

  1. Lovely. We passed through Mea Sharim on the city bus regularly when we travlled from our apartment in Tsameret Habira to downtown. Once when I was crossing through an empty lot near the neighborhood an Haredi man sang “where are your sleeves?” in a singsong voice as he passed.

  2. Great collection of photos. I like them all, but for some reason I think the girl in the pink is the best. It makes you wonder what she is thinking and you have the blurred background of her neighborhood that gives a sense of her life.

  3. That first sign made me giggle – wheni was in college I worked for a non-profit that organized trips to places including Saudi Arabia. One partipant drove us crazy with questions about her shoes and what would orwould not be aacceptable. So imagine my surprise to get an email from the group leader that this woman tried to board her flight to Riyadh wearing shorts and a tank top – with her closed toe shoes of course!

  4. Hey Nomadruss, I’m very very new to blogging. May I respectfully ask what widget you used to create the lovely photo essay of the Mea Sharim. I’m just learning and would appreciate some help. I’m still constructing my site. Thank you again for your gorgeous pictures.

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