White Topped Sedge, Big Cypress Swamp, Everglades

This week’s post delves deep into the heart of the Big Cypress Swamp in the Everglades. Majorie Stoneman Douglas famously described the Everglades as a River of Grass. While this made poetic sense, and brought much needed attention towards Everglades protection, the Everglades is more akin to a River of Sedges. These sedges, with their silicon edges, can cut you mightily. A good way to distinguish a sedge from a grass is from an old rhyme:

Sedges have edges
Rushes are round
Grasses have asses,
straight to the ground

I decided to make a slow motion video of a White Topped Sedge, a native plant, swaying in the breeze. The video was made with the iPhone 5s. The video was shot in slow motion, and you hear what I believe was a hawk around the 20 second mark.

The first photograph below shows two white topped sedges against the base of a cypress tree, along with a bromeliad and perhaps you can identify the other nearby visitor. It was made using the Nikon D610 and an old lens.

The other photograph was made of a white topped sedge against a wetlands forest.

White Topped Sedge

White Topped Sedge


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