The Blue City – From the Archives

Beneath Mehrangarh Fort, which rests on the high point of Jodhpur, lies a city painted in blue. Blue was once a symbol of belonging to the Brahmin cast, the color now appropriated by all city dwellers. Today blue can be found throughout the meandering narrow alleyways. From high atop Mehrangarh Fort, or looking towards it, one sees a city awash in blue.

Several photos from the blue city have long since been posted in my India gallery, and these few images were found while culling through the archives. It’s a blend of a few city views, and scenes that I took in while departing one of my favorite cities in all of India.


27 thoughts on “The Blue City – From the Archives

  1. Nomadruss – you are an inspiration to this 68 year old lady. My husband and I are moving downtown within weeks – and I am going to pull out my camera again – and just roam the streets with it. I cannot wait. Thank you.

  2. Wonderful photos, the train station in platform particular drew me in. The light adds to the feel of anticipation of boarding and the train pulling out of the station. The last photo is beyond description for me.

  3. Haven’t ridden a train in India or been to Jodhpur, but from the picture of the train station, I can feel the humidity on my skin, smell masala, body odor, and diesel fumes, and hear the muted muttering of dozens of conversations. That’s how good that photo is.

  4. Great photos. I think I watched a sunset from the same spot as the top photo, but I didn’t have those cool clouds.

    We saw the Navratri festival there and that was a trip. Some much color , chaos and noise.

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