One morning in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, O Best Beloved, how quiet you are within the city walls.

Until the missiles came and thudded in the distance.

On this morning, last November, the streets were still quiet in the early morning. I stood in one place and watched the morning come. The light cast its long shadows as people sleepily walked towards the activities of the day.

Today it may look the same.

Though now hearts are burdened.

Another missile thuds in the distance.


7 thoughts on “One morning in Jerusalem

  1. Great series of photos.
    It the everyday scenes and moments that tell us so much about the inhabitants. Can’t bear to think about their lives today, especially of the children growing up in a state of fear.
    How will their futures unfold when the young ones have never known the peace and tranquility of ‘normal’ lives.
    How will their minds and education develop into anything meaningful with constant stress in every living moment.

  2. Great work as usual, Russ. Wow, how utterly clean those walkways and streets are! The world over we have seen the school kids with their little backpacks off down the way and well-dressed people rushing along looking at watches. We sons of adam are so alike.

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