Beauty in the slums

Perhaps its in my optimistic nature, but I always find beauty, even in the slums of India. No, I don’t overlook the horrors of what can happen in poor communities, but I think I focus instead on the human relationships, the closeness of community, and the warmth and hospitality of people with so little. I see beauty in the faces of those created in the image of God. These images were made during an hour walk through the Tigri Slum in Delhi on May 20, 2014.


35 thoughts on “Beauty in the slums

  1. So thoughtful… I agree, they are happy and close to each other despite of the fact that they are poor and living conditions have serious risk and issued. Happiness is kind of independent on financial richness… wonderful photographs. Beautiful expressions captured. Will wait for your future work, very nice work sir!!!

  2. Great series of images.
    These poorer countries have a lot to teach us ‘supposed’ richer western cultures. It’s not the amount of money in our pocket that creates love and happiness, it’s the richness of family and caring for each other that’s important.

  3. I’m not big on the overly poetic stuff but the sentiment is spot on. I used to want to see the biggest, shiniest buildings and attractions around the world but now I find myself way more attracted to poor communities and how their values are so different to what I’m used to.

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