Post Card from Great Sand Dunes

Great Sand Dunes National Park is one of my favorite places to photograph. This summer I was there during a time of overcast skies, but on the second morning, the skies began to clear, and I found this solitary flower amongst the dunes. There are some metaphors that could be drawn from it, perhaps.

I’m still on the road, heading to Yellowstone right after this posts, if the old truck keeps running, so there’ll be more to come…


40 thoughts on “Post Card from Great Sand Dunes

      • A neighbour? No. Actually, I want to go off the tourist map. That’s why I want to start my research early. Step by step, I want to start straying off the touristy tracks!

      • Makes sense. A lot of that for me means showing up and asking questions. Once I was in northern Laos and I wanted to go where tourists didn’t so much. There were a couple of treks out to tribes where people wore traditional garb, but it was only for tourists. I asked if they had a trek others didn’t go on often. The lady said, there’s one trek that two European women did, but that was six months ago. I said, I want to go on that one. I saw little traditional garb, but what did see was authentic culture. It wasn’t that no tourists ever did it, but it was a much less traveled route. And the snails and rice wine were pretty good too. : )

      • I think that this is an excellent idea. I do chat a lot with people on the street. They have excellent knowledge sometimes, of what to do. Shall explore!

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